Piano & Dancer


Interactive work for a dancer and a mechanical piano on which is the dancer herself who manipulates the instrument through its body activity analyzed in real time using a system of sensors that transform their movement into sound gesture. Thus, the movement of the dancer is expanded to another sensory modality and the piano sound becomes an extension of his own body, a piano that embodies of the expressive qualities of dance, and becomes an augmented sonic reality of the body movement.

Piano and dancer uses technology developed in the project European H2020 DANCE focused on research and development of forms of sensory substitution: see through listening.


MÚSIC : Pablo Palacio  CHOREOGRAPHY: Muriel Romero  PERFORMANCE: Muriel Romero  SOFTWARE AND INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Infomus Casa Paganini, Daniel Bisig, Pablo Palacio  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DESIGN: Daniel Bisig PRODUCTION: Instituto Stocos  VIDEO: Cristopher Cartagena
SUPPORTS: Comunidad de Madrid, La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain), EU ICT H2020, Unterwegs Theater (Heidelberg, Germany), Infomus-Casa Paganini- University de Genova (Italy) and Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of Zurich (Switzerland).

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