Whole-Body Interaction Learning for Dance Education


Instituto Stocos is a benefiaciary partner in this Europen ICT Project which aiming at both researching and innovating contemporary learning theories of embodied cognition and dance education, building on advances on neuroscience, pedagogical and learning theories, educational psychology together with new technologies in artificial intelligence and knowledge management.

Dance is a diverse and heterogeneous practice and WhoLoDance will develop a protocol for the creation and/or selection of dance sequences drawn from different dance styles and appropriate for different teaching and learning
modalities that can provide the base content for the capture, cataloguing and analysis of dance movement for the creation of different interactive and immersive learning tools.

WhoLoDance will support learning the essential components of dance, enhancing movement skills, and creating solutions for supporting the composition, re-use, and distribution of interactive educational content and services, with assessment and feedback functionalities making use of immersive real-time tools to learn dance choreographies. WhoLoDance will explore smart learning environments for providing dance students with adaptive and personalised learning and assessment, through multi-modal/multi-sensory interaction technologies and advanced immersive realtime training interfaces.

WhoLoDance will create and deliver the proof-of-concept of a motion capture repository of dance motions built in a method allowing interpolations, extrapolations and synthesis through similarity search to enable new and powerful dance teaching paradigms.

Finally WhoLoDance aim is to create a digital environment that will provide dance educators and students, as well as creators (choreographers) the opportunity for capacity building and networking, bringing together practitioners from different physical spaces, and will allow them to communicate chorographical ideas and movement concepts online and work collaboratively.

Lynkeus – IT – Project Coordinator, ATHENA RC – GR, MOTEK ENTERTAINMENT – NL, Politecnico di Milano – IT, Università di Genova – IT, Peachnote GmbH – DE, Coventry University: Centre for Dance Research – UK, INSTITUTO STOCOS – SP, K. Danse – FR, Lykeion ton Hellinidon (Lyceum Club of Greek Women) – GR.


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