Instituto Stocos is a co-organiser partner in this European Culture project, with the support of the European Commis- sion. This initiative deals with the development of creative technologies and artistic productions that exemplify strategies for promoting cultural diversity and idiosyncrasies. New technologies of non verbal Communication, including gesture, tactile, spatial, aural and other forms of sensation and perception, transcending the current limitations of information technologies, which hardly involve non verbal communication.

In the context of this project Instituto Stocos has developed artificial extensions to the human body that function as mul- timodal instruments that allow the dancers to produce music and light structures directly connected in real time with their body parts, thus modifying their morphological appearance and expanding their behavioral capabilities. As part of this project, a set of technical tools such have been designed. A software environment consisting of several applications for sound synthesis, simulations of natural phenomena, video tracking, visual rendering, video mapping, and audio spa- tialization.

As an artistic form of dissemination a series of major stage works have been produced: Neural Narratives1: Phantom Limb, Neural Narratives2: Polytopya and Neural Narratives3: Clinament.

Proyectos europeos