Two sisters, Two Pandoras. 

As imagined from the Greek myth the metaphor of what it’s released into the world from the jar Pandora cannot stop herself from opening can be seen as the many negative aspects carried by digital technology, since this action is commanded by Zeus who wants to punish Prometheus from having stolen fire (technology) from heaven.

This performance imagines two women inventing another relationship to digital technology as they explore the many possibilities offered to them, through a mutual composition that attempts to draw a delicate line between the act of resisting and the fragility of situations produced by the strong and immediate interaction between bodies, music and light.

This piece  is a collaboration between K Danse and Indtituto Stocos. The peformance is  built with the support of the software tools for real-time analysis of movement quality and synthesis and control of sound designed by Instituto Stocos and K.Danse as part of  WholoDancE EU Project inside  Horizon 2020 program.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Muriel Romero and Jean-Marc Matos
MUSIC: Pablo Palacio
PERFORMANCE: Marianne Masson y Muriel Romero.
LIGHTING: Juan Carlos Gallardo
PRODUCTION: K.Danse e Instituto Stocos
SUPPORTS: European Union (Horizon2020), Roma Europa Festival, Ministerio de Cultura de España (Inaem), Institut français Madrid, La Biennale-Arts vivants- Internationale (Toulouse, France), AC/E Acción Cultural España, Infomus-Casa Paganini- Universitá de Genova (Italy) and Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of Zurich (Suiza)

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (El Matrimonio del Cielo y el Infierno)

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (El Matrimonio del Cielo y el Infierno)

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