Choreography is a form of artistic expression particularly noteworthy for its combination of strict physical and mental training and enormous creativity. Despite this, dance is, at the same time, the most fleeting of all art forms, and this extraordinary creativity radiated from the body dissipates and fades away without leaving any significant trace. This work focuses on how this energy that arises from embodied experience can be captured and form the foundation for artistic creation in other disciplines. Using this logic, Embodied Machine springs from experimentation based on translating the human body into abstractions that can provide the foundation for transforming into other aesthetic manifestations. Is it possible to synthesise light and sound on the basis of our movements and interact with the resulting presences as if they were dance partners? Is it possible to examine, in depth, our understanding of embodied creativity using forms of artificial intelligence? These are just some of the questions to which Embodied Machine aims to provide a response. A piece in which Muriel Romero interrelates with avatars of herself that appear in the form of light and sound, presences that behave independently and with which it is possible to interact in a multi-sensorial dialogue.

This show is included in ISEA2022 .

ARTISTIC DIRECTION Pablo Palacio and Muriel Romero / CHOREOGRAPHY Muriel Romero / MUSIC Pablo Palacio / DANCER Muriel Romero / INTERACTIVE VISUAL SIMULATION Daniel Bisig / LIGHTING AND LASER Pablo Palacio, Daniel Bisig y Maxi Gilbert / SCENIC SPACE  Maxi Gilbert and Instituto Stocos / INTERACTIVE LIGHT PROGRAMMING Instituto Stocos /IINTERACTIVE SONIFICATION Pablo Palacio / SOFTWARE AND INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY Daniel Bisig, Pablo Palacio /MOCAP MASTER Pedro Ribot / TECHNICAL DIRECTOR  Hugo Can /COSTUME DESIGN Raquel Buj – Buj Studio PRODUCER Instituto Stocos / CO-PRODUCED BY Mercat de les Flors / RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT Cie Gilles Jobin (Geneva) / MOTION CAPTURE Studios 44 MocapLab / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), Unión Europea (E2.Create-Horizon 2020), Etopia Centro de Arte y Tecnología (Zaragoza), L’Animal a l’Esquena (Girona), MAEC- Academia de Espagna a Roma, Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of Zurich (Zurich), Motion Bank Mainz (Germany), Coventry Center for Contemporary Dance Research (UK)

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