Risonanze Occulte emerges from the reflection on how works in the field of visual arts are perceived, which stand out for their surprising capacity to embody qualities of movement, and how these qualities can be developed through dance and sound.

In this sense, one of the central characteristics of this project resides in the use of interactive technology as a means to expand body movement to other means of artistic expression. What would the qualities of movement that we perceive in Bernini’s sculptural work sound like, for example, the fluidity-rigidity of Apollo and Daphne, the postural tension of the Rapture of Proserpina or the fragility in the Ecstasy of Beata Ludovica Albertoni?

Risonanze Occulte develops the preceding ideas in a performance that combines dance, music and architecture, a ritual in unconventional spaces that combines tradition and avant-garde technology. A scenic creation that has been presented in unconventional spaces such as Bramante’s Tempietto or The Modern Art Gallery in Rome.

CHOREGRAPHY: Muriel Romero.
MUSIC:Pablo Palacio.
PERFORMERS: Muriel Romero, Alicia Narejos, Arnau Pérez, Juanjo Guillem, Rafa Gálvez.
SOFTWARE AND INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Pablo Palacio, Daniel Bisig, Infomus Casa Paganini.
COSTUMES: Buj Estudio.
PRODUCTION: Instituto Stocos.
SUPPORTS: Academia de Espagna in Roma, Mercat de les Flors, Union Europea (H2020), Motion Bank Mainz, Coventry Center for Contemporary Dance Research, Comunidad de Madrid, Inaem, Etopia Centre for Art and Technology

Dance, Works